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„Envision Music From Inside“ at DFFB

From May to November 2019, Uli M Schueppel will guide the theoretical&practical seminar on Music Documentary “ENVISION MUSIC FROM INSIDE – Storytelling in MusicDocumentaries” at the DFFB (German Film and Television Academy, Berlin).


DER ATEM at 69. Berlin Int. Filmfestival

We are very happy to share the news, that our new film „DER ATEM“ („The Breath“) is selected in the official program of „69. Int Fim Festival Berlin (Panorama).
All film-info, trailer, etc can be found on the „filmography“-page

World Premiere: 13.2. at 21:30, Zoo Palast 1 (with Team)

THE ROAD, TGKW in All-Time-Top20

The Guardian“ (Sept. 20th, 18) published her selection of the 20 best music documentaries.
We are delighted to find „The Road, To God Knows Where“ by Uli M Schueppel inside this selection.

„No.13. The Road to God Knows Where (1990)
The recent Nick Cave documentaries (…) showcase a mature and reflective artist. For unsparing grit and grime, there’s Uli M Schueppel’s black-and-white film of the Bad Seeds’ 1989 US tour, heavy on the boredom and frustrations of life on the road.“


Jury – Motovun Film Festival

At the 21.Motovun Film Festival (Croatia) Uli M Schueppel will be part of the international jury.
His films “Planet Alex”(2001) and “BerlinSong” (2007) will be screened out of competition in the side-section “Berlin in Motovun” July 24. to 28.



DREAMCATCHER – new music-video

Uli M Schueppel created the new musicvideo “Dreamcatcher” for HACKEDEPICCIOTTO (Danielle De Picciotto & Alexander Hacke) from their album “Menetekel”.
The video is available to watch here
on vimeo:
dreamcatcher on Vimeo
on youtube:
dreamcatcher on youtube


THE BREATH goes in postproduction

We are very happy to announce that the shooting of the new film „THE BREATH (Der Atem)“ by Uli M Schueppel is completed in feb11 – after 32 night-shootings (in winter!)….
We want to deeply thank everybody who was involved&helped to get this idea on (16mm-) film!

THE BREATH will be the 3rd part of Uli M Schueppel’s „Chants-Trilogy“ – after „THE PLACE“ (97) and „THE DAY“(07). This film is a coproduction of ARTE (La Lucarne) and ‚Schueppel-Films’, founded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.
Later this year more news about this project (maybe in autumn?).



As creativ-director Uli M Schueppel developed, in cooperation with Arri-Media (digital artist: Bastian Schreitling) the new trailer/opener for DFFB ( German Film- and Television Academy).
This opener will lead in all films produced by DFFB since May 1st 2018.



In its last week ‚documenta 14‘ will present under the titel „Final Cut“ a selection by curator Adam Szymczyk “of outstanding and highly estimated films, which has rarely been shown“.

THE ROAD, to God Knows Where“, a documentary with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1990), by Uli M Schueppel will be screened at ‚documenta 14‘ (Sept. 13th), Filmladen Kassel.

Link: THE ROAD , to God…@ documenta14


ALL ‘schueppel-films’ on Vimeo

We are very excited(!) to let you know, that we’re in the process of bringing ALL feature-films, (music-)documentaries, film-essays, shorts, music-videos and whatever on a special Vimeo-channel to watch.
This process should be finished by march17.

Pls check it out, enjoy and share!
Link: schueppel-films on Vimeo


German Film Academy / Cinematheque – archive

In occasion of the 50th jubilee of the German Film- and TV Academy (DFFB) the Deutsche Kinemathek (German Cinematheque) has released an extensive online-archive with films, pictures and documents. In addition some texts by film-scientists focus on main topics (sorry, only in German-language available!)

Uli M Schueppel studied at the DFFB between 1984 to 1989. In an interesting article by Ralph Eue  „Works between Film, Video and Music 1978-88“ the development from Christoph Dreher, to Peter Braatz, to Uli M Schueppel in the academy-history can be followed, „in which the filmmakers- and musician-milieus mingle in a massiv and enthusiastic way“.


Uli M Schueppel will tutor again at the German Film Academy from May to August 2016.


Zwischentöne – Deutschlandfunk

On the history-charged November 9th in Germany Uli M Schueppel will be guest in a 90min show „Zwischentöne“ (Soundshades) and talk about his films, his life and Berlin and… „Deutschlandfunk“ (13:30-15:00, live stream & as well on podcast after).



Shlim-Line Show – DIE ZEIT-online

In the late 80’s in West-Berlin Uli M Schueppel has made a radio-show (with Johannes Beck), called „Shlim-Line Show“. In their last broadcasting in October 1989 they „opened the wall 14 days too early“… (acoustically!)

This story is picked up in an interesting article on DIE ZEIT-online by Carolin Ströbele und Maria Exner. With original sound-bits, pics, etc. (Sorry, but again, only in german!)