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Schueppel DJs „Unforgotten Pictures“ (film mood set) @ photographic exhibition

At the opening of the exhibition „Don’t Forget Me Not“ (Seminar Linn Schröder / Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie) Uli M Schueppel will play a film-mood set themed „Unforgotten Pictures“.

May 5th 17, from 20h, Alte Feuerwache; Projektraum Berlin, Marchlewskistr.6, 10243 Berlin-Frdh
Link: Don’t Forget Me Not

ALL ‘schueppel-films’ on Vimeo

We are very excited(!) to let you know, that we’re in the process of bringing ALL feature-films, (music-)documentaries, film-essays, shorts, music-videos and whatever on a special Vimeo-channel to watch.
This process should be finished by march17.

Pls check it out, enjoy and share!
Link: schueppel-films on Vimeo

“NIHIL” will be screened at “FRACTO meets OCCULTO”

A night of films, live performances and music introducing FRACTO the new format for experimental film screenings at ACUD, Berlin on April 1st, 2017

MUSIC POOL BERLIN on “Composing for TV/Film”

At a panel by MUSIC POOL BERLIN on the theme „Composing for TV/Film“ Uli M Schueppel will be talking about his experiences with other musicians and filmmakers.
Followed by a DJ-set by Uli M Schueppel themed „Dark Passion/music&film“

21.2.17 – Ackerstadt Palast, Berlin um 19:30
Link: Music Pool Berlin

“ELEKTROKOHLE-OFF WAYS” in Hamburg, Jan.19. 2017

In the context of its opening „Einstürzende Neubauten“ is playing at the “Elbphilharmonie”.
To accompany this event the Elbphilharmonie shows the film „ELEKTROKOHLE-OFF WAYS“ at Abaton-Kino..
As guests invited are the ExNeubauten bass-player Mark Chung and the director Uli M Schueppel.

There are two screenings (with Engl.Subt.) on Jan. 19: 19:00 and 21:30 Uhr.
Abaton-Kino, Allendeplatz 3, 20146 Hamburg

Link: Elbphilharmonie – Elektrokohle

SPFF – MusicDocumentaryFilmfestival, Opatija – Croatia

Uli M Schueppel will program the competition for the next editions of SPFF – OPATIJA.

(„The No1 Int. MusicDocumentaryFestival in East-Europe“)

The 7th edition will take place Aug. 1 – 6, 2016 in Opatija/Croatia.

Uli M Schueppel will be there to present his selection and talk (and celebrates!) the films with the filmmakers and the audience.

Call for entries will finish April 30th – more info at


German Film Academy / Cinematheque – archive

In occasion of the 50th jubilee of the German Film- and TV Academy (DFFB) the Deutsche Kinemathek (German Cinematheque) has released an extensive online-archive with films, pictures and documents. In addition some texts by film-scientists focus on main topics (sorry, only in German-language available!)

Uli M Schueppel studied at the DFFB between 1984 to 1989. In an interesting article by Ralph Eue  „Works between Film, Video and Music 1978-88“ the development from Christoph Dreher, to Peter Braatz, to Uli M Schueppel in the academy-history can be followed, „in which the filmmakers- and musician-milieus mingle in a massiv and enthusiastic way“.


Uli M Schueppel will tutor again at the German Film Academy from May to August 2016.


Der Tag / The Day in EXBlicks

In a special selection of ExBerliner & DER TAG/THE DAY (NewBerlinFilmAward09)
will be screened on Palm-Sunday at Lichtblick-Kino, Berlin (March 20th; 20:00)

Uli M Schueppel will be present for Q&A after the film.


Zwischentöne – Deutschlandfunk

On the history-charged November 9th in Germany Uli M Schueppel will be guest in a 90min show „Zwischentöne“ (Soundshades) and talk about his films, his life and Berlin and… „Deutschlandfunk“ (13:30-15:00, live stream & as well on podcast after).



Shlim-Line Show – DIE ZEIT-online

In the late 80’s in West-Berlin Uli M Schueppel has made a radio-show (with Johannes Beck), called „Shlim-Line Show“. In their last broadcasting in October 1989 they „opened the wall 14 days too early“… (acoustically!)

This story is picked up in an interesting article on DIE ZEIT-online by Carolin Ströbele und Maria Exner. With original sound-bits, pics, etc. (Sorry, but again, only in german!)