JAHRE DER KÄLTE (Frozen Stories) at Filmmuseum Potsdam


The Filmmuseum Potsdam is showing the film ‘Jahre der Kälte’ by Uli M Schueppel ( from the year 1994) in a special screening as part of the series ‘ZEITSCHNITT – Advent and Abyss. Living under Stalinism’ to commemorate the suppression of the uprising in the GULag Workuta on 1 August 1953.

Introduction: Dr. Claus Löser


Stefan Krikowski – Chairman of the Lagegemeinschaft Workuta/GULag Soviet Union,

Dr. Nooke – Commissioner for Reappraisal of the State of Brandenburg (LAkD)

Film screening on Friday 23 August, 23 at 19:30 in the Filmmuseum Potsdam


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