IN/SITE/OUT ATHENS – workshop Oct 19 – 26, 2024


Practical film workshop on the topic of “Emotional Geography” in essay film (as well as all documentary-experimental film formats) – in and out of Athens (Greece)

The masterclass workshop “IN/SITE/OUT ATHENS” under the direction of the acclaimed filmmaker Uli M Schueppel will introduce the participants to narrative methods and storytelling through “Emotional Geography” in essay films. During the workshop, the participants will be supervised in the development, research and shooting of their own personal projects on location in Athens and accompanied through the post-production. In the “IN/SITE/OUT ATHENS” workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to create short essay films on location that convey individual or collective approaches to site-specific themes/narratives in order to translate them into artistic, poetic, experimental film formats. These documentary film works ( max. length per participant 10min) can be realised as individual short films, artistic video installations, first sketches of a longer film project, or also in their combination with the projects of all participants as a feature-length film.

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Uli M. Schueppel


To apply contact Michael Grieve

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