Shlim-Line Show – DIE ZEIT-online

In the late 80’s in West-Berlin Uli M Schueppel has made a radio-show (with Johannes Beck), called „Shlim-Line Show“. In their last broadcasting in October 1989 they „opened the wall 14 days too early“… (acoustically!)

This story is picked up in an interesting article on DIE ZEIT-online by Carolin Ströbele und Maria Exner. With original sound-bits, pics, etc. (Sorry, but again, only in german!)

West:Berlin – LOST


The exhibition „West:Berlin“ at Stadtmuseum-Berlin (Ephraim-Palais, from Nov14th) will present the video „Lost – Last night Risiko“ as part of the historical documents.

Jahre der Kälte/Frozen Stories – NEW here on „Watch Films Now“


Finally we can now present the eighth film through this homepage for stream (in the section „Watch Films Now“): Jahre der Kälte (only German version!)

„This is/was an important film for me, cause it’s not only dealing with German post-war history, and all horror my father and his friends had to go through by founding a liberal-democratic party in the soviet-occupied territory, but it also tries to capture an imaginary dialog between me and my late father.“ U. Schueppel
(Soundtrack: Blixa Bargeld)

JAHRE DER KÄLTE – watch now

Lifetime Award

 photo 9833cced-227d-4f80-a9df-747d8b3d55b1_zps4ac6f800.jpg

lorbeerkranz-solo-2 At the 5th SPFF (Int. Music Documentary Festival, Croatia) Uli M Schueppel received the LIFETIME-AWARD 

” For his outstanding Achievements in Music-Documentary-Filmmaking and its Industry “.

Many thanks to the organisators, the jury and the team of SPFF!


 photo 2c618d1d-dad8-46ce-a257-490e80a14c1f_zpsf8654df8.jpgIn association with the 25years jubilee of the Fall of the Wall, and therewith the legendary first concert of the cult-bandEinstürzende Neubauten in East-Berlin, SPFF-MusikDocumentary-Festival (Croatia) will show “ELEKTROKOHLE / OFF WAYS ” by Uli M Schueppel on the Opening-Night (Aug. 2nd)Uli M Schueppel will be at the festival, present the film, and will also run a “Masterclass”.