PREMIERE: 11.2.1996 – Filmkunsthaus Babylon – Mitte

FIRST tv-SCREENING S: 17.2.1996 – 3sat

SID & NANCY / EX & POP from schueppel-films on Vimeo.

In July and August 1995 Ben Becker staged “Sid&Nancy”, the play he wrote, at the Berlin club “Ex&Pop”. The lead roles of the production are played by Becker’s sister, Meret Becker, the gitarrist from “Einstürzende Neubauten” Alexander Hacke, and Ben Becker himself.

The film documentation by Uli M Schueppel follows the intense, at times chaotic process of this self-styled project, revealing the true path to the actual production with the help of footage taken from the sidelines of rehearsals – statements, outbursts, individual rehearsals.

The result is a portrait in the tradition of the “direct cinem”; through the crises of the actor’s rehearsals, the blending of people and their dramatic roles, reality and theater becomes near and palpable.

press quotes (selection)

Cult ! (…)

Der Spiegel (7/96)

“Drug angels as local heroes: the creation of a depraved romantic junkie fairytale.”

Stern (34/95)

Ben Becker
Meret Becker
Alexander Hacke
Otto Sander
Barbara Philipp

Script, Director, Camera & Editing:
Uli M Schueppel

Ulrik Spies

Ed Csupkay (Mandoline)
Stephan Hachtmann (Gitarre)
Jaki Engelken (Bass)

Sceanery & Costumes:
Danielle De Picciotto

Editorial Adviser:
Wolfgang Bergmann (3sat/Theater)
Jo Schmitt (3sat)

A Schueppel-Production in cooperation with ZDF/3sat Theater

shot in Juli/August 1995