FROZEN STORIES (Jahre der Kälte)

(08.01.11) finds its way to cinema – 17 years later!

TIP-Berlin (3/2011). “well worth seeing”
zitty (3/2011): “Historically, and as well artistically, important and impressive.”

30.1. – 9.2. at BrotfabrikKino (Caligariplatz 1, Berlin)
“Filmsalon” on Sunday Jan 30 at 19:30 in presence of Uli Schueppel

„ This film approaches very close. It shows old men, eyes, mouths in front of a black screen. It deals with the horror of a generation. (…)
The effect is stunning. It seems as if the montage is flaring up, as if it burns. (…)
All haunting is ending here.“
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Marcus Hertneck, 30.8.94

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