BROETZMANN – Thats When The World Is Mine

(24.01.12)in the Official Programm of 62nd Berlin Int Film Festival (Panorama)

End of 2010, after 14 years break, Caspar Broetzmann performs again in original lineup with his band “Caspar Broetzmann Massaker” at the legendary Berlin-club “Berghain”. The director Uli M. Schueppel narrates around this concert the emotional (in-between) spaces, from which Caspar Brotzmann creates his powerful archaic soundscapes. Between noise and silence the film develops from within a sensitive portrait of a musician, who always consistently went his own way, without subordinating himself to the rules of the music business.

screening dates
10.02.12 / CineStar 7 / 20:00 – PREMIERE
11.02.12 / CineStar 7 / 14:30
12.02.12 / Colosseum 1 / 15:30
19.02. 12 / Cubix 7 / 17:30

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