(27.01.15) The BERLINALE-Trailer/Opener, created by Uli M Schueppel in 2001, went for this years 65.Int. Berlin-Filmfestival through a completely new, digital process. Schueppel and the team of ARRI-Mitte, as digital-masters, made a remake into newest technical standards.

Specially shot 35mm-film material is used for colors, layers and movements, and is woven on 4K, highframerate and stereo3D into the new digitalized, but still recognizable elements of the sequence. Also the sound/music by Johannes Koeniger and Xaver von Treyer was remixed by Rotor-Film Babelsberg, and a Dolby-Atmos version was produced as well.

This remake edition of the Berlinale-Opener will be screened at the 65.Int. Berlin Filmfestival (6. – 15.2.15) prior to all 2 500 screenings and in all sections.


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