The Song

17 min, b/w, video, Germany 1991/2004

Director’s-Cut: 45min, s/w, video, Germany 1991/2013

The Song photo SongMain.jpg

Nick Cave
Mick Harvey
Blixa Bargeld
Thomas Wydler
Gareth Johns

Feb. 6to feb. 9.1991. Three days and nights in the legendary Hansa-Studios, Berlin. With some members of his band The Bad Seeds (and guest-musicians) Nick Cave is recording the title-song for Wim Wenders’ film “Until the End of the World”.

The documentary follows the recording process of the song from the beginning to the end.

Concept, Director, Editing & Production: Uli M Schueppel

Shooting in Hansa-Studio, Berlin in February 1991;

Short-version published 2005, as “Bonus”-film on “The Road to God knows where”-DVD (Mute, London)
Director’s-Cut published 2014 on “FilmsToWatchNow” (