BROETZMANN – Thats When The World Is Mine

75min, DigiBeta, col, dolby st, Germany 2012

PREMIERE: 62. Berlin Int. Film Festival (Panorama)

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BROETZMANN – Da gehört die Welt mal mir / Thats When the World Is Mine from schueppel-films on Vimeo.

End of 2010, after 14 years break, Caspar Broetzmann performs again in original lineup with his band “Caspar Broetzmann Massaker” at the legendary Berlin-club “Berghain”. Through the 80s and early 90s the trio was part of the most innovative German musicians in West-Berlin. Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) describes Capar Brötzmann as one of the best guitar players he has ever met.
After their time-out, they came back even more heavy, loud, precise, clear and almost transparent, and presented a wide screen from the deepest soul, full of atmospheric images – „music that could hang also in the Louvre “ (Monika Doehring/Loft).

The director Uli M. Schueppel takes this concert as an opportunity, to finally portray this only in the scene circles recognized musicians. On paths through nature he approaches with him the spiritual landscapes, where this timeless music could be rooted.
“Broetzmann – Thats When the World Is Mine “ shows the emotional interspaces from which Caspar Brötzmann creates his powerful, archaic soundscapes. Between noise and silence the film develops from the inside a sensitive portrait of a musician, who always consistently went his own way, without subordinating himself to the rules of the music business.

– cast & credits:

script & directing
Uli M Schueppel

Cornelius Plache
sound & mixing
Martin Frühmorgen

Ernst Carias

Caspar Brötzmann
Danny A. Lommen
Eduardo D. Lopez

PICTORION – das werk/Berlin


Johannes Breuer

Nico Hauter

Kai Kurve
Caspar Brötzmann
Hannes Andresen

audio engineer
Markus Krohn

audio studio
Rotor Film Babelsberg

Anja Wiesinger

– Berghain-conzert –

Uli M Schueppel
Cornelius Plache

line producer
Karina Mertin

sound engineer
Thomas Stern

concert audio engineer
Ingo Krauss

Krischan Makswitat

Robert Reuner
Silvio König

André Jürgens

Dino Gollnick
Gabrielle Dobak
Joe Dilworth

Frieda Oberlein, Wolf Bosse, Hajo Schüler, Doris Hepp, Max Dax,
Patricia Morosan, Juliane Brötzmann, Henrik Drescher,
Inka Lumer, & Thoralf Kersten, Cosmo Schueppel,
25p-cine support

Koksofen – lyrics
von Caspar Brötzmann

“Hymne” “The Tribe” “Böhmen”
“Sarah” “Kerkersong” “Tempelhof” “Massaker”

(lyrics: Brötzmann, music: Brötzmann, Lopez, Lommen)

produced by schueppel-films