Streaming alternative

As the difficult current situation also enforces other forms of film-viewing and availability, I would like to encourage you to “abandon” NetflixAmazon&Co (sometimes?;), and dive into streaming alternatives.
We have now completely withdrawn our films from the virtual supermarkets of the leading streaming services and platforms. Not only because I dislike the careless monotony of the presentation in it, especially for auteur films, but also because the financial distribution of these multinational entertainment companies seems extremely unfair – and there as well, especially for smaller, independent productions.
We have been working with our films for a long time on a model to counter this system with an alternative, in order to be able to bring the films in their artistic context online to your homes – independently and directly from the production.
Therefore I am very happy, that we can now offer the complete filmography on the newly designed “schueppel-films” homepage, exclusively and only from there, for online streaming. There is also detailed information about each film, photos, shooting diaries, reviews, all musicvideos, etc.
As an Online Premiere, we are now also offering the film essay “DER ATEM (THE BREATH)” (69th Berlin International Film Festival), which unfortunately could not be shown anymore in cinemas of several countries due to the pandemic measures last year. Moreover at long last the feature film “VATERLAND (FATHERLAND)“, which was not available to watch for 30 years and surprisingly (unfortunately!) hasn’t lost little of the up-to-dateness of its topics …
So there is a lot to discover, and I would like to invite you to do so!
Please support and communicate (especially in this time!) these alternative streaming offers.
Support your alternative (film-) dealer!

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