Longer Biography


The poetic film „DER ATEM“ (The Breath) is selected inside the official programme of „69. Int. Film Festival Berlin“ for celebrating its world-premiere.

In 2018 Schueppel creates for the duo HACKEDEPICCIOTTO (Alexander Hacke & Daniele de Picciotto) the music video for the song „Dreamcatcher“.

At the 21. Motovun Film Festival (Croatia) Schueppel is member of the int. competition-jury.

Schueppel designs as creative director (in collaboration with Arri) the new trailer / opener of all DFFB films (German Film and Television Academy).

In 2017 Schueppel is jury member of the 23.Athen Int. Film Festival.

documenta 14” shows THE ROAD, To God Knows Where in a selection of “major films” compiled by curator Adam Szymcyk.

At the 5th SPFF (Int. Music Documentary Festival, Croatia) Uli M Schueppel receives in 2014 the Lifetime-Award
” For his outstanding Achievements in Music-Documentary-Filmmaking and its Industry ..”

Schueppel directs and produces in 2013 for the British musician ANIKA the music-video “ I Go to Sleep ” (in commission of StonesThrow-Records/USA)

The music-portrait Brötzmann – That’s When The World Is Mine is premiered 2012 in the official programme of 62. Int Fimfestspiele Berlin (Panorama). The documentary shows the emotional (in-between) spaces from where the musician Caspar Broetzmann creates his massive, archaic soundscapes.
From September 2012 the film is playing in German cinemas..

In 2012 Schueppel is shooting for the New-Zealand band Sun & The Wolf the music-video “Crocodile

2011/12 Schueppel-Films are invited for the first extensive “Werkschauen”/Retrospectives. The Greek-Cinemathek/Athen shows 12 films, MARFICI/Argentinien shows 7 Films.
Works by Uli M Schueppel are also shown in Louvre/Paris.

2010 the feature-lenth documentray-essay tranzania.living.room. is released. An atmospheric journey through interspaces of imagination. Tanzania/Germany.
(Premiere: 39th Int Film Festival Rotterdam & 33rd Göteborg Int. Film Festival; Africa-Premieres: 13. Zanzibar Int. Film Festival, 7. Kampala Int. Filmfestival)

On the occasion of the 60th Int. Filmfestspielen Berlin 2010 Schueppel reworks the Berlinale Trailer/Opener, which he created in 2002.

In 2009 Schueppel recieves the “Underground Spirit Award 09″. The “European Film Festival Palic” gives him the prize for his “outstanding achievement in independent film production” und shows seven Schueppel-Films in the official festival-programme.

In 2008/2009 Uli M Schueppel created the documentary-film VON WEGEN / OFF WAYS. The film is about West/East-ways to the very first concert of German cult-band Einstuerzende Neubauten in Berlin-East, still capital of GDR, on the 21.12.1989. A road-movie into a German interim. VON WEGEN / OFF WAYS was premiered in the official programme of the 59. Int. Film Festival Berlin (Panorama) and was screened at lot international fesivals (Thessaloniki, Copenhagen, etc.). In Germany, Austria & Greece it was released in cinemas. And in occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall, the film was shown at special events all over the world.


For the Islandic band Singapore Sling Uli M Schueppel creates 2008 the music-video for the song Godman.

In 2007/08 Uli M Schueppel is creating the filmessay Der Tag/The Day, a meditation about the every day occurence of death and its geography. The film, in cooperation with the originalsound-composition by FM Einheit, is the second part of his “chants”-trilogy. (Festival-invitations: Int. Doc-Filmfestival Leipzig 08 (competition); Int. Filmfestival Rotterdam 09; 11. Buenos Aires Festival International de Cine Indipente / BAFICI)
The Day is honoured with the New Berlin Film Award at Achtung-Berlin-Festival09.

In 2006/2007 several foto/video-works/installations gets developed in cooperation with Norwegian fotographer Marie Sjoevold. Bubble&Puddle(Asker Museum 06, Oslo, Norway), Disappearing Hours (Galerie Hornbaek 07, Kopenhagen, Danemark; Gallery Tembi, Jogjakarta, Indonesia, Jan08.), This Bird Has Flown (Norwegian Wood).

2006 Uli M Schueppel is shooting the documentary-film BerlinSong. An atmospheric trip with international musicians out of the underground of Berlin’s new urban folk scene right into the myth of Berlin. The film gets premiered 2007 in Panorama of the 57th Int. Berlin-Fimfestival German Cinema-release in September 2008.

For the Australian musician Mick Harvey Uli M Schueppel directed in 2005 the music-video Hank Williams Said It Best.

In 2004 he creates The Song – a short-documentary with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

In 2003/04, Uli M Schueppel together with Ben Becker and Peppi Streich create the surreal feature-film essay Santos – Heroic deeds, no one needs (Santos – Heldentaten, die keiner braucht). Premiered at Hofer Filmtage 2005.

Since 2002, he is giving regular lectures for “Dramaturgy and Directing” at the German Film- and Television Academy, Berlin.

Since 2002, he is Member of the European Film Academy.

As from 2002, he has created the official Berlinale – Trailer / Opener as digital animation for the Internationale Filmfestival Berlin (in co-operation with Das Werk – Berlin).

A digital animation as well, the Delphi – Trailer / Opener (since 2003) has been created by Schueppel for one of Germany’s most important distribution-company.

In 2001, Schueppel initiates the “digital fiction-award” for the Berlin Beta-Filmfest version 01.

In 2002, the festival is reorganized and appears under the new title “b.film & digital vision Festival“. Schueppel – as curator – is responsible for the “digital vision” section as well as for the programming of the film entries.

He is in charge of the “digital entertainment” section as curator at the “Festival for Digital Media, Business and Culture” at the conference during the Medienwoche (new-media week) Berlin-Brandenburg. He lectures about digital filmmaking at numerous conferences and panels.

In 1999/2000, with planet he has been shooting and producing one of the first feature-length films on mini-dv in Germany (‚de.flex-film’ Co-ZDF).
planet alex – an episode film about young people and their stories related to the Alexanderplatz in Berlin – runs at several international film festivals in 2001 ( a.o.: Max Ophuels competition, Saarbrücken; Tiger Award competition,Rotterdam; International Russian FilmFestival, Sochi; Sarajevo (New Currents);Golden Horse FilmFestival, Taipeh-Taiwan; New Films Festival, Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) New York; Hirshhorn-Smithsonian Institution, Washington; SeNef, Festival for Digital Media, Seoul-Korea; etc.) In planet alex Schueppel combines in an unusual and remarkable way his professional experiences in the fields of music clips, docu-essays and feature films. (www.planetalex-film.de) ( The ZDF nominates this film for the Deutschen Fernsehpreis 2002 for the categories “Best film music” and “Best supporting actress” )

1998 the production company deflex-film, schüppel-comfort gbr. is founded by Milanka Comfort and him.

Between 1994 – 1998, his documentary and essay films create a sensation at innumerable international film festivals (a.o.: Berlinale-Forum, Rotterdam, Montreal, Edinburgh, New York):
The Place (Der Platz) (Co-ZDF,1997) – an atmospheric sound-film essay about the construction works at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin (in co-operation with FM Einheit) Sid&Nancy; Ex&Pop (Co-3sat,1996) – a documentary about the production process of a theatre piece written and played by Meret and Ben Becker. Frozen Stories (Jahre der Kälte) (Co-ZDF,1994) – an essay-film about his late father and his stay at the Stalinist gulags as political prisoner (music by Blixa Bargeld).

His first feature-length film Fatherland (Vaterland) (Co-ZDF,1992) wins the OCIC Award 93 (International film award by the Catholic church) – a metaphoric-tragic journey of an Algerian who kidnaps his son and takes him through a cold Germany after the collapse of the wall. (International Film Festivals: Rotterdam, Göteborg, Montreal, Melbourne, Amiens, Rimini, a.o.)

The documentary The Road, to God knows where (Co-Dffb/Mute-Films,1990; Distribution: BMG) about Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is his final piece at the film academy – a road movie about the shadow sides of being a star- and the everyday life on tour.

In 1989 Uli M Schueppel creates the musivideo The Gun for “Crime and The City Solution”.

His first semi-length feature film Nihil (Co-Dffb,1987) surprises at the Hofer Filmtagen 88 and wins amongst others the Special Jury-Award in Montreal 88, the Honorable Jury-mention in Wilhelmshaven 89 and the 2nd Nino Rota-price at the Trento Cinema 89.

1984-89 – Uli M Schueppel studies direction and dramaturgy at the German Film- and Television Academy, Berlin (dffb), diploma.

Between 1982 and 1986, Uli M Schueppel created numerous experimental Super8-films, music clips and short films (playBack2 in 1985, Copy against Copy in 1986 and others). Amongst other activities, he produces and presents a weekly two-hour radio show (“Slime-Line Show“, Radio 100), works as author ( a o.: “NoMade in Germany”, “Vip Dip Deluxe”, “Eine überdosis Aspirin”, “In Licht. Ein Schrei. – Carl Mayer”), musician (“Fremdkörper”) and barkeeper (“X’n Pop“, Berlin).