cool 2Uli M Schueppel studied German, Romance studies, and linguistics in Heidelberg, and subsequently studied directing at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie, Berlin (DFFB).

Along with a number of short films, numerous music videos, and animations (i.a.: Berlinale-Trailer/ Opener since 2001, Delphi- & DFFB opener), he was the author, director, producer, and occasionally even cameraman of 14 full-length films ranging from feature films, essay films, and music films to documentaries (see filmography).

Schueppel received the “Special Jury Award” (Montreal 1988), the “OCIC”-Award 1993, the “NewBerlinFilmAward 2008″, the 2009 “Underground Spirit Award” from the European-Film- Festival (Palic) for his “extraordinary accomplishment in independent film production”, as well as the 2014 “Lifetime Award” at 5.SPFF (international music documentary festival, Croatia) “for outstanding accomplishments in the music and music industry documentary genre“.

Schueppel also works in the field of new media art (video installations & photography) and presents his projects in various national and international exhibitions. His films and projects have been presented in worldwide important museums and art-exhibitions, among others at ‚MOMA‘-New York, ‚ICA‘-London, ‚Louvre‘-Paris, ‚Haus der Kunst‘-Munich, ‚Singapore Art Museum‘ or at ‚Documenta14‘-Kassel.

Exhibitions of all his works or retrospectives have been presented at Greek-Cinematheka, Athens (in Coop with Goethe-Inst.), at Festival „Internacional de Cine“ (Mar del Plata, Argentina), and at „European Film Festival“ (Palic, Serbia).

Since 2003, Schueppel has also worked as a guest lecturer, teaching direction and documentary film at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (DFFB) and the Nederlandse-Filmacademie, Amsterdam. He has given numerous master class workshops on the topics of “music documentary”, “independent filmmaking”, and “digital storytelling“.

Schueppel is member of the art-collective project TEMPS ZERO “which gathers a new generation of visual & sound artists reacting on signs and echoes of the present time”.

Schueppel has been a member of the EuropeanFilmAcademy (EFA) since 2002.

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– films:


2012 BRÖTZMANN – THATS WHEN THE WORLD IS MINE (P: 62.Berlinale/Panorama)

2010 TRANZANIA. LIVING ROOM. (P: 39th Int. Film Festival Rotterdam)

2009 ELEKTROKOHLE – OFF WAYS (P: 59.Berlinale/Panorama)

2008 THE DAY (P: 51.Int Dokfilm Festival Leipzig/ 38th Int. Film Festival Rotterdam)

2005 SANTOS – HEROIC DEEDS NO ONE NEEDS (P: 39.Hof Int. FilmFestival) 2007 BERLINSONG (P:57.Berlinale/Panorama)


2000 PLANET ALEX (P: Max Ophuels Festival , Saarbrücken / 30th Int. Film Festival Rotterdam (in Competition)

1997 THE PLACE (P: 47.Berlinale/Forum)


1994 FROZEN STORIES (P: 24th Int. Film Festival Rotterdam)

1992 FATHERLAND (P: 22nd Int. Film Festival Rotterdam)

1990 THE ROAD TO GOD KNOWS WHERE (P: Melbourne Int. Film Festival)

1988 NIHIL, OR ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD (P: 21.Hof Int. Film Festival)

(With the exception of “Vaterland”, all films were produced or co-produced by schueppel-films)


- musicvideos:

HACKEDEPICCIOTTO – „Dreamcatcher“ (2018)

ANIKA – „I Go To Sleep“ (2013)

SUN AND THE WOLF – „Crocodile“ (2012)

A.NEWCOMBE, M.HARVEY, Z.KUNING, etc – „Songs & Trees“ (2008-2010)

SINGAPORE SLING – „Godman“ (2008)

MICK HARVEY – „Hank Williams Said It Best“ (2005)

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – „City Of Refuge“ (1991)

CRIME & THE CITY SOLUTION – „The Gun“ (1990)

ANITA LANE & MICK HARVEY – „Lost In Music“ (1987)