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Shlim-Line Show – DIE ZEIT-online

In the late 80’s in West-Berlin Uli M Schueppel has made a radio-show (with Johannes Beck), called „Shlim-Line Show“. In their last broadcasting in October 1989 they „opened the wall 14 days too early“… (acoustically!)

This story is picked up in an interesting article on DIE ZEIT-online by Carolin Ströbele und Maria Exner. With original sound-bits, pics, etc. (Sorry, but again, only in german!)


West:Berlin – LOST


The exhibition „West:Berlin“ at Stadtmuseum-Berlin (Ephraim-Palais, from Nov14th) will present the video „Lost – Last night Risiko“ as part of the historical documents. http://www.stadtmuseum.de/aktuelles/westberlin

Jahre der Kälte/Frozen Stories – NEW here on „Watch Films Now“


Finally we can now present the eighth film through this homepage for stream (in the section „Watch Films Now“): Jahre der Kälte (only German version!)

„This is/was an important film for me, cause it’s not only dealing with German post-war history, and all horror my father and his friends had to go through by founding a liberal-democratic party in the soviet-occupied territory, but it also tries to capture an imaginary dialog between me and my late father.“ U. Schueppel
(Soundtrack: Blixa Bargeld)

JAHRE DER KÄLTE – watch now

Lifetime Award

 photo 9833cced-227d-4f80-a9df-747d8b3d55b1_zps4ac6f800.jpg

lorbeerkranz-solo-2 At the 5th SPFF (Int. Music Documentary Festival, Croatia) Uli M Schueppel received the LIFETIME-AWARD 

” For his outstanding Achievements in Music-Documentary-Filmmaking and its Industry “.

Many thanks to the organisators, the jury and the team of SPFF!


 photo 2c618d1d-dad8-46ce-a257-490e80a14c1f_zpsf8654df8.jpgIn association with the 25years jubilee of the Fall of the Wall, and therewith the legendary first concert of the cult-bandEinstürzende Neubauten in East-Berlin, SPFF-MusikDocumentary-Festival (Croatia) will show “ELEKTROKOHLE / OFF WAYS ” by Uli M Schueppel on the Opening-Night (Aug. 2nd)Uli M Schueppel will be at the festival, present the film, and will also run a “Masterclass”.

2x schueppel-films on German-TV

 photo f8b366cc-9240-4317-9d4c-5b0cf8e9744b_zps1c157aca.jpg
Berlin Alexanderplatz 2000 – within 24 hours, various stories rotate between the heights and depths of the square, between the television tower and the subway shafts, between larger and smaller fates, that slowly but surely become entangled.
Love, murder, fairytale, drugs, madness, humor and a lot of music – planet alex moves playfully through various genre. A sparkling firework of ideas that come together in a greater story. With its driving rhythm, the film sketches the seeming loss of orientation in Berlins city as a pulsating, shimmering network.
starring Marusha, Marie Zielcke, Nadeshda Brennicke, Baki Davrak, Ben Becker, Andreas Schmidt, Regine Zimmermann, Birol Uenel, Mario Mentrup, Jochen Nickel, Ralf Richter, Meret Becker, Alex Hacke a.o.ZDFkultur, 10. 6. 2014, 22:10



 photo 36aa2474-9181-48c2-84f4-f72a3d32cf71_zps2999f88d.jpg
„A film that conveys true physical pain, not through vulnerable, personal reflection alone.“
„Its about the horrors of a gerneration. Life in hell…
It appears as a flickering montage. As if burning… Every word is comprehensible. All ghosts end here.“
„Extraordinary! Almost brutal…“
(DER TAGESSPIEGEL 30.8.94)OST: Blixa BargeldZDFkultur, 11. 6. 2014, 03:15