German Film Academy / Cinematheque-Archive


In occasion of the 50th jubilee of the German Film- and TV Academy (DFFB) the Deutsche Kinemathek (German Cinematheque) has released an extensive online-archive with films, pictures and documents. In addition some texts by film-scientists focus on main topics (sorry, only in German-language available!)

Uli M Schueppel studied at the DFFB between 1984 to 1989. In an interesting article by Ralph Eue  „Works between Film, Video and Music 1978-88“ the development from Christoph Dreher, to Peter Braatz, to Uli M Schueppel in the academy-history can be followed, „in which the filmmakers- and musician-milieus mingle in a massiv and enthusiastic way“.

Uli M Schueppel will tutor again at the German Film Academy from May to August 2016.

Jury at 6th SPFF/Int. Music Documentary Festival-Croatia


Uli M Schueppel will be “Head of Jury” of the musicdocumentary-competion at 6th SPFF from Aug. 1 – 6 (Opatija/Croatia)

Short Summary about the Jury-Decisions at 6th SPFF – Int. Music Documentary Festival/Croatia by Andy Markowitz/MusicFilmWeb:

Uli M Schueppel in the festival-programme on the question ” Why I Like Music Docs?” :

THE PLACE in film program “DEVOURED!”


THE PLACE“ , a cinematic meditation on the construction site of Potsdamer Platz (97), will be screened in the film program „DEVOURED! Architecture between Deconstruction and Reconstruction“ on March, 24th at Lichtblick-Kino, Berlin (Kastanienallee 77, 19:30).

Uli M Schueppel will be present.

The film program (March 22 – 26) is presented in context with the exhibition „DEVOUR! Social Cannibalism, political redefinition and architecture“ (Freies Museum Berlin, in collaboration with Savvy Contemporary, and KunstKraftWerk Leipzig)



The BERLINALE-Trailer/Opener, created by Uli M Schueppel in 2001, went for this years 65.Int. Berlin-Filmfestival through a completely new, digital process. Schueppel and the team of ARRI-Mitte, as digital-masters, made a remake into newest technical standards.

Specially shot 35mm-film material is used for colors, layers and movements, and is woven on 4K, highframerate and stereo3D into the new digitalized, but still recognizable elements of the sequence. Also the sound/music by Johannes Koeniger and Xaver von Treyer was remixed by Rotor-Film Babelsberg, and a Dolby-Atmos version was produced as well.

This remake edition of the Berlinale-Opener will be screened at the 65.Int. Berlin Filmfestival (6. – 15.2.15) prior to all 2 500 screenings and in all sections.